Public Session
Time     Program Location
12:00PM ~ 1:00PM     ○ Registration Yonsei-Samsung Library 7F
1:00PM ~ 1:30PM     o Opening and Welcome Addresses
    o “Cross-border Information Request/Collaboration Toolkit” Signing Ceremony
1:30PM ~ 3:00PM     o Session 1. Asia Privacy Policies in the Digital Economy Era
        - Francis Euston Acero (National Privacy Commission, the Philippines)
        - Wanawit Ahkuputra (Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, Thailand)
        - Abubakar Arshad (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Bahrain)
        - Sooyeoun Jeong (Korea Internet & Security Agency, Korea)
        - Man Yip (Singapore Management University, Singapore)
    o Discussion: New Privacy Rules and Policies in Asia
3:00PM ~ 3:30PM     o Coffee Break
3:30PM ~ 5:00PM     o Session 2. Data Portability and Data Economy: Ideality and Reality
        - Jinwha Lee (Nexon Korea)
        - Jinkyu Lee (Naver Corp)
        - Sooyoung Youn (eBay Korea)
    o Discussion: New Privacy Frameworks in AI and Data Economy
5:00PM ~ 5:30PM     o Closing Remark and Lucky Draw
Closed Session (Invitation Only)
Time     Program Location
10:00AM ~ 11:30AM     o Asian Privacy Experts Conference
        - Information Exchange and Coordinated Responses to Personal Data/Information/Privacy Breach
        - Cross-border Information Exchange and Coordinated Responses to Personal Data/Information Protection
         in Asia (CIR Toolkit)
Murray Hall, Baekyang Noori, The Lounge, Yonsei University
11:30AM ~ 1:00PM     ○ VIP and Speaker Lunch
6:00PM ~ 8:00PM     ○ Asia Privacy Bridge Forum Dinner